Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A to Z Challenge, Crash Novelette, Part 6: F

This is part 6 of a 26-part series, which all ties into one novelette length story.
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CRASH, Part 6: F (SF YA Adventure-Romance Novelette)

Freaking out, but trying not to show it, Amaya gave Sol’s aunt and uncle a nod as Sol rushed her towards one of the consoles in the box office. It had an interesting chair, kind of like a barber shop chair, but with a five-point harness. 

When Sol reached around her to strap her in, she stopped him. “I had to ride in a car seat for too many years because I’ve been always short for my age. I know how to put one of these on.”

He let go of the straps and watched her strap in, then adjusted the straps down to fit her short height. He nodded, as if satisfied, but then the movie-theater spaceship lurched, and he ended up in her lap, clutching one of the straps above her shoulder.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, then he pushed himself away and jumped in a chair near hers, strapping in with expertise.

“Sol, you have some explaining to do.” Sol’s uncle stated, swiveling in his chair to glare at Sol.

Sol nodded, “Yes, sir. I know I broke protocol, but the ship took off before I could get her outside safely.”

Sol’s aunt turned her chair slightly. “Couldn’t be helped. Thank goodness we didn’t have anyone else come into the theater, other than those three young girls.” She turned her gaze directly on Amaya. “Young lady, I’m glad you’re calm.” 

Amaya nodded, swallowing back her fear even further. What could she say to that? She was just faking calm. 

Sol’s aunt turned in her seat. “Now, everyone else, get to work. Geral, defensive maneuvers. Sol, aim for their engines. We don’t want to give them any more reason to blow us apart.”

“Got it, Prya.”

“Yes, Captain.” Sol said.

His Aunt was his Captain? Were they even family? And what did she mean by ‘any more reason?’ Amaya wanted to ask what other reason someone would have to blow anyone out of the sky, but instead she turned her gaze to the giant screens, previously the windows of the box office, to watch them streak towards the sun in the central one. Another screen showed their rear view, and smaller screens showed other views from all around the ship. It all seemed unreal, impossible, but they were apparently being chased by three other ships, all outfitted with some kind of light-based, or laser-based weapons. 

Amaya hadn’t had Physics yet at school, and even if she had, she wasn’t sure she’d be really prepared to describe what she was seeing. It felt like a movie, but one in a HD, 3D, surround sound, full movement theater. She wondered how it was possible she was surviving space travel. Weren’t astronauts specially trained for this? What about gravity? How had they walked from the movie theater to the box office in full gravity, yet they were in space? Was she being pranked?

Several laser beams streaked towards the ship. 

Amaya grabbed her shoulder straps, sent a quick prayer up, and braced herself for impact.


CWMartin said...

Now, back in the day, I remember a spaceship disguised as a barn. A movie theater in the middle of town, though...

Patricia Josephine aka Patricia Lynne said...

I had a thought. Is this spaceship like the Tarids and can disguise itself???? =O

Tyrean Martinson said...

CW - it's a little hard to disguise once it takes off.

Patricia - a good idea!

Nilanjana Bose said...

Faking calm is good for a lot of things. I'm faking calm too :)

Nice to connect at the A-Z, all the best!