Monday, April 17, 2017

#Character Interview #CaptainWrath #New Short Story

Please welcome Captain Wrath for our character interview today.  Captain Wrath's new short story "Hothouse" was just published in the April 2017 edition of the quarterly sci-fi magazine Outposts of  Beyond.

Tyrean: Captain, can you explain your name?

Captain Wrath: My name? You're the author. Shouldn't you explain it?

Tyrean: Do you have to be difficult?

Captain Wrath shrugs and gives me a devilish smile: You did write me this way - tempermental one moment and charming the next.

Tyrean: Stop with the smolder, Captain. I'm married.

Captain Wrath winks: You know you love me, darling, so I'll answer this one. Captain Wrath isn't my real name. I was down on my luck when I found a job as a space cruiser captain for Galaxy Cruise Lines and they wanted me to put on a pirate costume, take a pirate name, and run a themed pirate cruise ship.

Tyrean: Yes, like the movies about pirates based on the ride at a certain theme park.

Captain Wrath rolls his eyes: Except I know how to captain and pilot a battle cruiser and I'm stuck babysitting tourists.

Tyrean: You know I don't make you do that part of the job that often.

Captain Wrath: I wouldn't have put up with it if you had tried, darling.

Tyrean: Moving on. Can you tell us something intriguing about your new short story?

Captain Wrath: I had to dance with someone who considers herself the "Empress."

Tyrean: Impressive.

Captain Wrath groans: Not really. She's not a client or a guest, or anyone that I would want to dance with, but the job called for it.

Tyrean: Poor you, dancing with a beautiful woman.

Captain Wrath: There's beauty and there's beauty. Trust me, the Empress is only skin deep in that department.

Tyrean: So, if she wasn't a client or a guest, you weren't on the cruise ship, right?

Captain Wrath: Right. There's the other part of my job, the one that's kept quiet by the company and others. (He raises an eybrow at me and smirks.)

Tyrean: The best part of the job.

Captain Wrath: Definitely. The only one that's worth my time.

Tyrean: What? You don't like leading everyone in the song?

Captain Wrath furtively glances to the side: Shh. Some of my crew might start singing even though it doesn't come up in this new story.

Tyrean: I know. It's in the novel.

Captain Wrath: You haven't finished editing it yet, so I think the song could get lost somewhere in the paper shuffle, darling.

 He winks at me.

Tyrean: The charm doesn't work on me. I wrote it.

Captain Wrath: Too bad, darling.  He saunters back into the space port.

Despite working with Captain Wrath on a number of short stories, an initial novelization attempt, and finally, a full rough draft of a completely different novel with a secondary main character, I struggled to interview him. He's a busy character and he's a bit rough around the edges - if I were to meet all my characters in real life, I would say that he's my most dangerous hero. He has issues - PTSD, a gambling addiction, and a love of fist-fighting. When he isn't in a physical fight, he's also willing to use his good looks and charm as weapons. He makes a ton of mistakes and his crew sometimes has to save him. He has deepened and morphed a bit from the first time he played on the page in a flash fiction challenge back in 2012.

Here's his world-building/character-building Pinterest page.

Here's a link to his new published story: "Hothouse" at Outposts of Beyond.

Someday, I will get his novel into good enough shape to show an editor, an agent, and the world 
- but not quite yet. 

BTW - in the real world, I am slowly recovering from my second surgery. Inclines (hills) and stairs are against doctor's orders so, of course, I experimented three different times and put my recovery into slow-mode. I am following the doc's orders better these days and I can now walk a 1/3 mile distance if it's flat and I go at a snail's pace. I still need naps.

Despite that, I managed to get out to see an hour of the Paddler's Cup event the first weekend in April so I could watch my daughters do some flat-water sprinting. My oldest canoed (and we didn't get any pictures of her) and my youngest kayaked (and we did get one picture from a friend). Of course, all my youngest sees in this photo are her technique "issues," but as her mom, I think she looks fiercely awesome. (And yes, it rained off and on for the event.)
Photo Credit: Cathy Kasperbauer

The event made the news which was great for our team since we hosted it (I didn't volunteer this year but many did).

My dad's 79th Birthday was yesterday and I feel blessed to have a gentle, loyal, adventure-loving, and book-loving Dad.
(He didn't know I was taking this picture last year while we were at the Ted Houk Canoe and Kayak Regatta in Seattle.)

 I wasted some precious writing time on Saturday while watching the new Last Jedi trailer and reading critical reviews of the trailer (really, critical reviews of a movie trailer - I was seriously geeking out.)

So, although as I mentioned in the main post that I had been working with Captain Wrath, he's actually taking a break somewhere at the moment (where do vigilantes go when their writers are letting their WIPs rest?).

I am currently working with another cast of characters in a completely different setting - modern day America (and another location). These characters are comic book geeks. I'm good with some of that, but I realized that I don't know many teen comic book heroes from the Marvel universe who aren't X-men. If you know of Marvel teen comic book heroes who aren't X-men, could you drop me an e-mail at tyreantigger (at) gmail (dot) com? I might need to borrow your expertise.

So, what do you think of Captain Wrath? Had any good/bad/interesting life moments lately? Know any teen comic book heroes? 



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry, I could only name DC heroes.
Hope your dad had a good Easter birthday.
Stay on the straight and flat.
And if the beauty is only skin deep, she doesn't sound beautiful to me.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Loved the banter between you and Captain Wrath. He certainly sounds like an interesting guy.

Glad you're feeling better. Don't try to push yourself too hard anymore. Hope you continue to recover from your surgery and take care of yourself.

Unknown said...

Don't you just hate it when your characters decide to be difficult? :)

cleemckenzie said...

You took a great picture of your dad.

Glad you're on the mend, but sorry you had to have that surgery in the first place. Get well and stay that way, and keep up the exchange with that character.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Alex - I seem to know more teen DC comic heroes, too, so I just wondered.
(And no, the Empress isn't really pretty - Captain Wrath is right about that)

Natalie - Thanks! I'm trying to take care of myself. It's just harder than expected to do that.

Libby - I have more fun with them that way. :)

C.Lee - Thanks!

CWMartin said...

"The charm doesn't work on me. I wrote it." Line of the day!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Your daughter looks so determined.

Captain Wrath sounds a bit cocky for someone who babysits tourists. LOL

89 and it looks like your dad is still going strong. My dad would've been 93 this year. (He died when I was 11.)

krystal jane said...

Congratulations to you and Captain Wrath! (He's infuriatingly charming.) ^_^ And Happy 79th to your dad!!

I'm totally inspired to do an interview now! ^_^ It's been a while since I sat down with any of my characters like that. No one has gotten sassy with me yet.

Nicola said...

Love the cheeky discussion, Tyrean. Made me smile. I hope your dad had a great birthday. Hope you are feeling better. Take good care.

Crystal Collier said...

LOVE Wrath. He's a hoot. Keep on that road to recovery, eh? A little more each day!

Tyrean Martinson said...

CW - Thanks!

Diane - Yes, his time with tourists should be limited.

Krystal - Thanks!

Nicola - Thank you!

Crystal - Yes, one step at a time, literally.

Magic Love Crow said...

Please take care of yourself! Congrats to your daughters and the paddler's cup! Sounds like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday to your dad! I like Captain Wrath! "Too bad, darling. He saunters back into the space port.", Excellent! Big Hugs!

Stephanie Faris said...

What a fun character interview! And I LOVE that picture of your dad. Glad to hear you're on the mend from your surgery. It takes time, but it sounds like you're taking it easy!