Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Writing and Vlogging

I'm terribly camera shy.
However, all the awesome writers like Tara Tyler, Misha, C. Lee, and The Hungry Bookworm are making videos, and even making videos about how to make videos, or reviewing books.

So, I decided to try.

I videotaped my cat.

I videotaped my dog.

I videotaped my notebook:

Someday, I may videotape myself - but not yet.

I'm just getting used to the sound of my voice on camera - remembering that I'm the product of my family heritage and the Pacific Northwest. My mother was born half deaf. My grandmother who took care of me most afternoons after school had a cleft palate and later had a stroke. I drop my sentences like any Pacific Northwesterner, and I have a pronounced nasally "r" like my father's family from Eugene, Oregon. It all shows. Speech therapists usually an interesting time talking to me, trying to figure all of that out without my telling them anything in advance. Yet, I've acted in plays, I've given speeches, I teach. I've worked on my vocal clarity before, and I'm working on it again.

According to my kids, my voice is too montone in these videos, but I was trying to do one take and not say "um."

Facing the camera can wait a bit, but I can still produce a few short videos.

Have you tried Vlogging yet?

Have you seen these youtube channels by awesome authors who vlog?

Tara Tyler

The Hungry Bookworm

Misha Gerrick

C. Lee McKenzie


Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Good for you! These vids are fun, and I think you sound totally fine!

I haven't gotten up the courage to do anything like this yet. Hmm, maybe the tortoises could star in the first video.... :)

Chemist Ken said...

Just relax and have fun with it. You'd be amazed what your audience will let you get away with as long you seem to be having fun.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your voice is a start! Ivy at the Happy Whisk only does her voice as well.
Not sure either cat or dog seemed really thrilled.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Madeline - Thanks! I think the tortoises would do awesome!

Ken - thanks! I think you're right.

Alex - I know. My cat really wanted my attention, not video, and same for my dog. Well, maybe next time. :)

Annalisa Crawford said...

I'm as camera shy as you are, Tyrean. But that's a great first step. I wish I could be as brave, or as technically savvy!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Oh my God, you sound a lot like me! I was born in Eugene, OR and raised in Oregon until I was 19. Yes, that's exactly how we sound. My best friend (who now lives in Hawaii) still sounds like that even though she's moved around a lot.

Get in front of the camera when you are ready.

Stephanie Faris said...

Awesome pets! And you have a great voice. I live in the South, so people are always shocked to hear I have such a strong Southern accent. I don't like the sound of my voice, either. I don't think anyone does!

CWMartin said...

Frankly, I don't think I want to inflict myself on anyone that way. Now, I have watched others who do a fine job of this and I'm sure you will be fine. But I have the face made for radio, and the voice made for writing.

Mark Noce said...

Awesome! No worries with being camera shy, I've only made one vid myself. Wishing I could get into vlogging more.

Heather R. Holden said...

Yours pets are so cute!

I've also noticed more and more writers and such vlogging. Have no idea where they find the courage for that kind of thing. Even recording my voice would take a lot of bravery from me. Best of luck with these vids!

krystal jane said...

I think sometimes about vlogging, but I don't want to be on camera either. I have a very round head. Lol! I've started stalking writers on Youtube though. :)