Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Everyday #Writer #WritingPrompts

What does it mean to be an everyday writer?

I think it means to write a little every day.

This year, I'm going to write a variety of "everyday writer" posts on a near-daily basis.
These posts are not meant to be comment-driven, 
but are meant as encouragements to write.

Scenario Prompts give the writer a character, a scene, and a dilemma. I try to keep mine around 100 words so the writer has more of an open horizon to write into ...

Today's Scenario Prompt:

With her "to-do" list half-done, but the day drawing to a close, Shayla didn't have time for anything fun. Well, except for that double-fudged layered cake sitting in the break room. At least, that was something "fun" she could have on her coffee break.
She decided she could run off the calories later.
The dim office muted any conversations to silence. She figured everyone had sunk into a late afternoon slump.
As she opened the door to the break room, she screamed.
The monster grinned at her and . . . 

Please don't comment today, unless you really feel the need.
Just Go Write!

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