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Guest: Randi Lee Shares Five Reasons to Write Honestly

Five Reasons to Write Honestly
Guest Post by Randi Lee

First off, a big tip of my hat to the wonderful Tyrean Martinson for inviting me to be a guest poster. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my voice with your readership! (Thank you, Randi!) As part of Tyrean’s guest posting series, I’m here today to discuss my “five reasons:” the five reasons to write honestly.

What do I mean when I talk about writing honestly? I mean writing in your true voice—writing what’s in and from your heart to write. I mean writing that isn’t fictitious or forced. I mean writing that reflects your values, your likes and dislikes, and your own personal style. Writing that is you, the real you—ups, downs, good, bad, nitty-gritty and all.

I see this happen frequently with writers: “Vampires are popular at the moment, so I’m going to write about vampires.” “SciFi is trendy right now, so I’m going to write SciFi.” However, these themes and genres aren’t what’s in their hearts to write. They ignore their true voices and instead write what’s trendy in pop-culture at the moment—and for that reason, the writing suffers.  

I invite you to awaken your true voice and stick with it. Experiment with writing until you find a voice that just feels right. There is plenty of motivation to do so:

1.) It’s cathartic.
Writing honestly is healing. Whether it be a journal entry, a memoir, or something entirely fiction, letting out what’s in your head and heart is good for you! In fact, a recent study at the University of Texas at Austin revealed that, “focused writing can have a beneficial effect on everyone from those dealing with a terminal illness to victims of violent crime to college students facing first-year transitions.”   

2.) It will bring you the most success.
Honesty rings true in writing. I have found that my most successful pieces have been written using my true voice, while pieces I’ve forced myself to write married more with failure than anything else. By being true to yourself, you’re being true to your words, and your readers will applaud you for it.  

3.) It will highlight your unique voice.
Writing honestly shows the world who you are as an author. It reveals to the world you—the real you—and shows everyone how you think and feel. It provides you with an outlet to express yourself when you otherwise might not be able to. You don’t want to hide your true self from the world, so why hide your true voice?

4.) It will bring something fresh and new to the field.
By writing honestly, you’re contributing something to the field of writing. You’re giving the field something it cannot get from any other person other than you. Why copy the voices and styles of other writers when you can use your true voice and provide fresh, new content? Look back at the most successful authors—they all gained success by providing something the writing world had not yet seen.  

5.) It will help someone else.
Telling honest stories helps people. It helps them to feel needed, understood. It makes them feel less alone. Even fiction is based, in part, on reality, after all. There might be people out there who are struggling with something that you yourself address with your true voice. Getting your message out helps others out, and that’s always a good feeling.

Here I’ve given you five reasons to write honestly, but there are many, many more out there. I encourage you to awaken and experiment with your true voice and discover all of the wonderful reasons to write honestly for yourself. And if you haven’t found your true voice just yet? That’s okay! Practice different writing styles and techniques and it will come to find you. If you let it, that is.

About the Author
Randi Lee is a writer, editor and designer who lives in New England with her family and much loved dogs. In college she followed several majors, including psychology, political science and environmental science, before finally pursuing the field of communications. An avid blogger, Randi uses what knowledge she has of the writing world to write articles about writing for other writers. A lifetime learner, she believes there is no such thing as “completing” an education. Her debut novel, “Affected,” is available on most major online bookselling sites such as Amazon, Kobo and Visit Randi on her website:

Randi would also like to apologize to all of the vampire and Science Fiction fans out there. She meant no ill by having a go at them and likes them a rather lot; they were merely the first two writing themes and genres she could think up.

Eight years ago, there was no World Government. There were no agents, no carts. The fear of a nosebleed did not exist. Then came The Affection-an incurable disease that ran rampant across the planet, killing off roughly 60% of the human population. Two years later-with order in shambles and governments all over the world in ruins-the World Government formed. That's when the real trouble began. The WG made it its mission to segregate the sick (known as "Affected") from the rest of the population in an attempt to keep the disease from spreading. Agents were put into place to corral the ill and the God-forsaken carts were introduced.

For the past six years, Ethan has lived a quiet life. He has done his best to remain out of the public eye and, more importantly, off of the agents' radars. However, when his ex-girlfriend, daughter of the famous scientist who first discovered the disease, is captured by agents and taken to World Government headquarters to be experimented upon, Ethan can no longer pretend the world around him doesn't exist. On his way to save her, Ethan is thrust into a place of turmoil, espionage and conspiracies. Will he be able to handle the pressures of reality? Will he be able to save her in time?

    Thank you for joining me, Randi Lee!!!
BTW - I have a guest post at Laurel's Leaves this week, starting 6/30, so please stop by and visit with me about character development.


Crystal Collier said...

I think we all recognize the nuggets of truth in things we read, and that's what grounds them. Whether it's a fun summer read, or a though-provoking literary piece, we all crave that grounding.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If we don't write honestly, then it shows in our work and won't ring true to the reader.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

It is very healing. There's been a little bit of therapy in all five of my fiction books.

M Pax said...

I wholeheartedly agree with writing what calls strongly to you.

Arlee Bird said...

I so agree with you on this. Even if I decided to write about something that is trendy, I would conform it to be my story being told in my own voice to reflect who I am. Writing otherwise would likely come across to the readers and probably either bore me or feel like a waste of my time. My favorite writers are the ones who have written in the way you describe here.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Heather R. Holden said...

I agree, writing something simply because it's popular at the moment isn't wise at all. The project will just end up feeling like a chore unless it's a topic you're truly passionate about!

Also, just checked out your guest post, Tyrean. Really loved what you had to say about developing characters! :)

Tara Tyler R said...

randi lee! and great reasons - we should be true to ourselves and make our own popular story, start a new trend (or revive one)

i love these posts, tyrean!