Friday, July 10, 2015

LG Keltner and TIPPIE's TOP SECRET Origins File

I’d like to thank Tyrean for letting me stop by her blog today!  It means a lot!

You're welcome, LG!!! I'm totally into your newest book - purchased it on the first day because the premise and the first pages had me hooked. 

In A Silent Soliloquy, The Facility created TIPPIE as a weapon.  This organization obviously keeps files on all of its subjects.  I’d like to share with you TIPPIE’s file.  She’s never seen it, so you’ll know more about her origins than she does.

   *   *   *

Subject File #2752-478

Subject Name:
T(transmutable)I(ndependent)P(ersonality)P(erformer) and I(nteractive)E(ntity)

Name at Birth:

Status of Mother:

Status of Father:

Notes Regarding Admission:
Parents Edwin and Patricia Ross.  Suspected of sedition.  Resisted when Facilitators entered their home on April 20, 2077.  Edwin neutralized on site at 13:20 hrs.  Patricia injured, transported alive due to pregnancy.  Fetal development estimated at 35 weeks.  Patricia Ross succumbed to her injuries at 17:34 hrs.  Subject delivered via C-section.

Date of Admission to Medical Research Facility:
April 20, 2077

Age at Admission to Medical Research Facility:
6 hours

Program Details:
Admitted into the Biological Weaponization Program.  Dr. Lessigner in charge of behavioral modification.  See attached file for details regarding psychological techniques employed and medications administered.

Training Notes:
Instructors all report advanced aptitude in the areas of emotional manipulation, deception, knife skills, and hand-to-hand combat.  Approved for field assignment on December 12, 2082.

*   *   *
Title: A Silent Soliloquy
Author: L.G. Keltner
Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian
Length: 28,000 words
Cover Art: Devross
Release Date: July 6th, 2015

TIPPIE was created to be a weapon.  By all appearances, she's an ordinary girl of 18, and she uses that to her advantage in her work for The Facility.  What no one sees is that there's another girl buried deep inside.  She can't speak or control the movements of the body she inhabits.  As TIPPIE's silent passenger, she can only observe.  She uses the details she learns from TIPPIE's work to reconstruct the stories of other people's lives.  It helps her feel a little more connected to the world she can only watch.

When TIPPIE's work leads her to David, a young man with a haunted past and information that The Facility wants, TIPPIE uses her skills to earn his trust.  The silent girl beneath the surface knows that TIPPIE is only going to hurt him, but she can't help but feel for him.  Those feelings only grow, but she knows all too well that TIPPIE's work will soon come to an end.

L.G. Keltner spends most of her time trying to write while also cleaning up after her crazy but wonderful kids and hanging out with her husband.  Her favorite genre of all time is science fiction, and she’s been trying to write novels since the age of six.  Needless to say, those earliest attempts weren’t all that good. 

Her non-writing hobbies include astronomy and playing Trivial Pursuit.

You can typically find L.G. lurking around her blog, on Twitter, or on her Facebook page.

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A Note from Tyrean:
If you don't know LG, you need to get to know her - she's a wonderful blogger and exceptional writer. Please take a moment and congratulate her on her work and follow a link. :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wonder if she knows they killed her parents?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

How frightening it would be to be raised as a weapon?

Congrats on the book, LG.

Beth Ellyn Summer said...

yay, been seeing this around. fascinating concept!

L.G. Keltner said...

She doesn't, although she certainly suspects something bad happened to them. I think it would be interesting if she found out, though.

L.G. Keltner said...

It would be! Thanks!

L.G. Keltner said...

Once the idea popped into my head, I had to write it. The story wouldn't let me off the hook!

L.G. Keltner said...

Thanks again for hosting me today, Tyrean! And thanks for the kind words and support! It means the world to me.

T. Drecker said...

This sounds so intriguing. And I love the name TIPPIE.

L.G. Keltner said...

Thank you!

Lexa Cain said...

Thanks for sharing the top secret file with us. I love secrets!

L.G. Keltner said...

Secrets are fun, aren't they?

Maurice Mitchell said...

Congrats on the book and TIPPIE sounds like a complex character. You have yourself a wonderful Friday guys.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Thanks, Maurice!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Thanks for visiting today, L.G.! I loved this post and the intrigue partially reveal in that origin file! :)

Christine Rains said...

Congrats to LG! The book sounds awesome.

Misha Gericke said...

Sounds like TIPPIE had a horrific upbringing.

cleemckenzie said...

Kind of scary and pitiful for the girl. Very interesting! Congrats on the book.

Tyrean Martinson said...

I think so, too!

Tyrean Martinson said...

I agree.

Tyrean Martinson said...

It is definitely and interesting concept.

celinejeanjean said...

I like the concept of the story, very interesting! Congrats on the new release LG! :)

L.G. Keltner said...

She is at that. Thank you!

L.G. Keltner said...

Thanks for letting me stop by! It was a privilege!

L.G. Keltner said...

Thank you!

L.G. Keltner said...

She did indeed.

L.G. Keltner said...

Thank you!

L.G. Keltner said...

I'm glad you like the concept!

Crystal Collier said...

Awesome. I'm intrigued by the dual person concept and curious how it will play out.